Hymnal (2014)

by Joey Carbo



Written by Joey Carbo.
Produced by Jason Spring &Joey Carbo.
Performed, Mixed &Mastered by Joey Carbo &Jason Spring.
Recorded by Joey &Jason Spring Nov-Dec 2013 and Jan 2014
at THE HOSPITAL in Baton Rouge, La.
(c)2014 destinationarts, all rights reserved.

Joey Carbo
guitars, vocals, samples, amp and string noise, analogue synth, keys, treatments, drums &percussion on #2, 4, bass on #3 after 5:00

Jason Spring
drums, bass

additional musicians:
Anthony Rietl- bass on #2, analogue synth and keys on #1, 4
Nick Douet- backing vocals on #2

Readings by Ben Lowenkron and Eric Elliot
Spoken verses contain excerpts from "Bone River" by Benjamin Lowenkron, published by Ampersand

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released January 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Joey Carbo Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Joey Carbo's solo work as well as the albums he made with both his bands -
are featured here and cover the gamut genre-wise. You will find each of his records to be quite different from the next, americana to lo-fi, intentionally sloppy folk rock to full on rock and country, and from ENCOMPASS AND STALEMATE, experimental hardcore from the early 2000's.
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Track Name: The Graves We Dig
Isn't this what becomes of it all?
Water, smoke, evaporated bone
Dead rain transfigured in heat
Track Name: My Education
my education was a slim black line,
a sentence laid, a slit in time

and we don't walk where we don't belong
and you can't talk while you're listening
and if it's all the same to you and yours i'd sooner die alone

my situation is time on the cross and a stiff at the door
my invitation is a rail of coke and a reason to blow
my education was a funeral march for a seed unsown
down a distant road

and we ain't on stage so you can save your show
and you can cry aloud while i chop alone
and if it draws a crowd play it to the bone
i'd sooner bleed a stone

i'd sooner die alone than under your half-assed caress,
you and the beast at your breast
Track Name: Hunted
i got a half-sick feeling that i mighta' been just fine
left to my own devices down in some hole of mine.
now you keep your hands where i can see 'em
and don't look me in the eye.
we got to kill, rape, and be merry for tomorrow we shall die

and we gotta hold and we gotta hold on and we gotta hold on
oh, how we're hunted.

now my sick was all a curtain, friends, and my reason was a mob
and i ate all your poisoned apples, mother. they did not do the job.
now the last thing i remember i was reaching up a dress
for a bright and shiny needle and some rope and all the rest.
now i cut such a handsome figure with my prescriptions and my dues
but i must insist on soup today for i am far too sick to chew

and we gotta hold and we gotta hold on and we gotta hold on
oh, how we're hunted.

she was a knife blade walking and she was seven miles of fuck you
and i got the business end of her pussy
while my blood soaked through a bruise.
she told me, take me in your arms and whisper: what is this control?
i said, if you hold a sharp stick to my neck and make my body cold
while a stranger stares from across the room and i can barely stand.
an hour has gone by and still he has not moved his hand.
ain't no goddamned way we're both walking out of here
and i'm certain if i don't die tonight ain't no way i'll live out the year
there ain't no hope or silence in this world of whores and rats.
he tells me, lay that boot knife on the sink and slip out of your pants.
a sharp and senile sense is borne just behind the brain.
i call it me, i call it up when mostly i'm in vain

oh, when i'm in pain, when i feel that strain, when i'm all in flame.
when i'm on a plain, when i'm sick and strained, or when i'm deranged

and we gotta hold and we gotta hold on and we gotta hold on
oh, how we're hunted.